Bulk SMS Services Patrakar Puram

Whether for personal or commercial use, SMS has been a very popular and convenient way of communication.  Businesses have been using this technology for their growth thanks to the advent of bulk messaging. As 80% of people respond to offers an deals available through message, bulk SMS services Patrakar Puram are the best mediums of communication. 

Bulk SMS is the best way to reach huge number of target audience by spending less. By running a bulk SMS campaign for your organization with Digital Guru Lucknow, you can rest assured about its pricing. You can pay for this service on per SMS basis.

The price of this service also varies on network coverage, SMS gateways, total number of SMS, along with quality of routes. We also offer personalized services and packages as per your needs. This way, it excludes the need of middleman as we operate directly to the network model and offer discounts on our prices.

How Bulk SMS Service Works?

  • Once you sign up with Digital Guru Lucknow, you can send SMS from any online device.
  •  Our bulk SMS software is very user-friendly to send a message to multiple recipients in the given time period.
  • You can easily add as many customers as you like from the database or add names on your own.
  • You can also manage your distribution lists in our bulk SMS software.
  • We have different templates available to create your own text.
  • You can now send these texts to your target audience. You will get a notification for each delivered message along with a detailed report.

All in all, bulk SMS service is the best way to send your marketing messages to your target audience. You can rest assured that all your messages are delivered to the right audience.