Content Marketing Continues to Dominate SEO

content marketing Lucknow

There is a significant growth we have seen in the content marketing industry, and the trends seem to meet the facets of SEO. Content marketing and SEO should evolve and go hand in hand. With that in mind, we have been focusing on the trends of content marketing, which affect SEO. With so many good things out there, we need to make a strategy for content marketing Lucknow. Here are some of the reasons why content marketing seems to be dominating SEO. 

Voice Search 

Voice search has evolved over the years. As compared to 2008, voice search was used 35% more in the year 2016 on Google. At least one search is conducted by 41% of adults per day, and it will rise continuously. Over 50% of queries will be asked using a voice search in 2020. 

According to Google, voice searches from mobile devices account for 20% on search engines. This trend has an excellent influence on SEO. SEO was considered safe but not longer. Our knowledge of SEO and digital marketing will matter very much here. It is recommended to create relevant and readable content and use natural language, just like talking to someone. 

Personalized Content 

Personalized content is the next big thing in the era of content marketing. According to the studies, we are going to have more content this year. Until the end of the year, dozens of content pieces might be posted. With all the data bombarding the readers left and right, it is essential that your content should stand out. This is how personalized content comes into play. The key here is to make readers feel special when you address them. 

According to a study, personalized content is going to be more and more effective. Personalization has become vital for content marketing. The trend of content marketing has an excellent influence on SEO. Based on last searches, each user is going to have more appropriate content on social media or actions taken on site.

Content Creation has been reconfigured 

People used to start by searching a keyword to create content and rank for the same. But the worst thing is that it began to grabbing lots of thin material for higher ranking in Google without serving the user. The process of content creation changed, and it follows a more user-friendly and natural approach. You now need to find a problem and get answers to the same with your content. Then you can search for a keyword related to your topic and optimize the same. 

Google Trends is a viable option to choose keywords for popular topics based on searches. You can follow trending hashtags or popular websites as per your niche. You can try and get the spotlight off your competitors by getting ideas. There are tools to have a sneak peek on the competitor’s content, which works well on each channel. You can have lots of benefits in the process of content creation. 

Content Marketing is intended for content marketers 

Especially in the world of content marketing, we are going through tough times. Content marketing is going to address the needs of content marketers. There are lots of contents written, and lots of content is rewritten at some point. Suppose you visit a conference gathered by lots of experts discussing a specific topic. Several ideas will come up, and five people will write what the point was. Each expert has their style, but some plans will be somewhat familiar. 

Hence, many people use tools to rewrite content that exists on the web already. We all understand the spinning article falls under the black hat category. Your website might be at risk if you are going through this technique. Instead, you must try to offer helpful and valuable content for marketers. You should educate your audience and create engaging content. It is because there is an excellent competition in the market. The key here is to engage and retain your customers. It would help if you worked in the big league. Talk from your personal experience and make it different. 

content marketing Lucknow

Context is the king 

Context is the next big thing embracing the knowledge-sharing and content industry. Patents are talking about context. Time has changed now, and the context will rule the industry. While searching, the attention of Google on the user started having great importance as the context is very vital. Google is focusing on what the user wants to provide more personalized and accurate results. There are lots of indicators to work on, along with keywords. It’s time to create a bond between concepts and terms in content.