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Content Marketing Facts, Strategies 2019

Before you know about Content Marketing Services, I would like to open your eyes.

  1. Internet is full of contents, no more space for outdated topics.
  2. You will not rank by just putting your blog on your website.
  3. People don’t trust new brands.
  4. A Customer comes & get information from your website & buy from Popular Brands.
  5. New Brand Success percentage is Very Low.

Apart from these problems, if you like to increase your revenue through Content Marketing, Congratulations! You are in the correct place.

What increases your revenue?

Traffic, no no no…

Only Traffic does not increase your revenue... You need

  • Repeating Traffic
  • Referred Traffic
  • Direct Traffic

Even Direct Advertising does not attract people to buy from you. People read your website, get information and check your brand name over the internet. If they don’t get good clues for you, they simply move to another website.


Now understand the people’s Psychology before moving ahead.

  1. People trust those brands, which they heard somewhere, saw somewhere even they have not used the brand ever but they trust, because they assume others are trusting. Huh!
  2. Before buying from unknown brands, people ask people or Google.
  3. One Second before making payments to unknown brands, they again crosscheck the popular brand website.
  4. They buy from unknown brands have only two reasons, either the product is unique or for cheap rates.

So, if you are a new brand, your chances are almost negligible until you start Content Marketing.

After reading these things, your mind might be opened or you might be thinking negative for your brand or maybe you are feeling something is going to be exciting in the climax of this article.

So let’s move on the climax.

Become a Brand

  1. Do Content Marketing, Not just writing text, teach people, inform people, display people and always update people.
  2. Why top companies invest huge money in Content Marketing. Think twice, you may think they waste money but they are killing new competition like you.
  3. Top Companies hammering in the mind, so that people remember their name.
  4. Start making new offers. People love new offers. Think why people go for traveling when the same spot can be seen anywhere around them. The mind wants new things, so feed new things to your customer’s mind.
  5. Do huge display advertising either online or if you have the budget do offline too.

YouTube for Branding

  1. Make consistently new and updated videos. Share to people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Whatsapp.
  2. When people seeing your regular videos, they start trusting you.
  3. Come in front of Camera, people trust people.

Images for Branding

  1. Teach via Info-Graphic & New updated images. An image can tell a thousand words.
  2. Make Good images & Share in Social Media.

Email Marketing

  1. People buy from you if they trust you. Give something free to people and let’s get their subscription for email.
  2. Email gives very high conversion rates.

Blog Posting

  1. Always updated blogs are loved by people. They trust in blogs which are updated regularly.
  2. Give always informative contents to people. Create value and then serve your product/service.


  1. Get as many as reviews you can collect from customers, friends, and relatives.
  2. Show a solid base to your customers by reviews.
  3. Give as many as footprints you can give to your customers.

Now, A misconception of your mind that Traffic Gives Sales has been trashed. 

“Branding is the reason for sales. So Do branding with Content Marketing.”

“Brand means Trust”

“If you can increase Trust, every customer is yours.”

I hope you got my Point. Here, my work comes into existence. I provide Content Marketing Services. I have a Content Marketing Agency from a decade. You may use my free tutorial for Content Marketing or even hire me for doing Content Marketing for your business.

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