Domain Hosting

A website always needs a web address and a web address should have a domain to launch on the web and to open for the public. You always need a domain address so your website can easily be tracked by search engines. There are certain features we consider to make your domain searchable on Google.

Domain Extension

There are different types of domain extensions to choose from. Each extension is used for its own specific purpose. For example, “.com” is a widely used extension which is commonly used for companies. In addition, “.in” is an extension used for educational institutes. Similarly, organizations use “.org” extension. You can also find other extensions to define the type of website. For example, “.info” is used for informational website. There are several other extensions like “.net” and “” to choose from.

Domain Name

It is another important thing which is tracked by search engines. The search engines assess the domain name and ensure it matches or relates with specific keywords, web pages of your site, and whether content of your site matches with domain name. So, domain name is very vital. It is not only the unique identity of your website; it defines what your website is all about.

Email Support

A domain also supports new emails. Your domain may support up to 10 to 500 email addresses. You should pick email support according to your need. If 100 email addresses are required in your company, there is no need to get support for 500 emails.

Similarly, you also have to consider the needs of emails before you undergo domain registration. Email addresses which go with domain is vital to ensure the corporate identity in your email.

Domain Hosting

Finally, here is the important thing to consider when choosing a website domain. You need to consider the amount of space you need to store, such as videos, audio, images, PDF and even HTML/HTML5 contents. In addition, domain provides the mail space so your website can be more attractive and serve the purpose of website development.

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