What is Google BERT Update? And How you can get benefits from it?

digital marketing

Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)  update is for long-tail sentences. It will improve searches. Most of the people search through voice speech, and to present a complete solution, Google may have launched this update. This update will not change the basic root of SEO and you need not do anything for now. Best results will be on their position as it is, however, if you are writing for machine understanding, you must beware because those results will vanish. Write for readers not for machine. 

The fillers in a sentence like prepositions, conjunctions are important from now because these parts of speech give meaning to a sentence. To give correct results according to query, Google released this great BERT update, which can impact 10% of the total searches. 

This is one of the major updates because till now everyone wants to optimize keywords, but from now people will have to optimize the sentence. The future is for long-tail keywords, so writers need to work on this. 

This is not the last update of BERT. In the future, many corrections will come and improve the results of Google through updates. 


  1. Write good and meaningful sentences. 
  2. Your sentences should be easy to understand for readers. 
  3. Work on your ON Page, and make your website easy to read for readers.
  4. Use long tail sentences for better ranking.