What Makes SMS Marketing Profitable for a Business?

sms marketing

SMS was once an age-old and traditional communication channel and its reach has always been limited and undermined to personal communication between people. There are, currently, plenty of businesses using SMS marketing. If used properly, bulk SMS Lucknow can help you build a reliable and loyal bond between the customers and businesses. Here are the benefits of bulk SMS you should know before using this marketing strategy. 

Importance of SMS Marketing for Businesses 

If you are serious about boosting the revenue of your business, SMS marketing can easily help you leverage your brand value whether you are a startup or a large business. It’s the right time to embark on your journey of SMS marketing to drive conversions and turn visitors into loyal customers. If you are still not convinced about what SMS marketing can do to your business and confused whether to add it to your marketing strategy or not, take a look at the benefits of SMS marketing so you can invest in business marketing – 

Quick Delivery 

It takes a fraction of your time to enhance the reach of your message to the devices of your target audience. In order to reach millions of customers with your offerings, there is nothing better than bulk SMS marketing. SMS marketing is known to have great marketing potential and it shows the right strategy to help you to increase your reach in seconds. 

Easy Registration 

Users have to fill a lot of details for other marketing mediums in order to get notifications on products. Users can easily enter the number to get texts with easier opt-in. These customers prefer SMS more than anything else when it comes to opt-in. They can easily allow your brand to connect with your business any time. You might be falling behind if you don’t focus on SMS marketing to promote your business. There is no point in letting this opportunity go out of your hands. 

Higher Open Rate than other channels 

You can easily drive engagement with your audience and reach out with SMS marketing without having to stick to one location. You don’t want to miss out the best opportunity to let your business make the marketing noise you desire. Smartphones have literally become the most important parts of our lives these days. Around half of the users check their phones at least twice or more in an hour. It exposes your message to a new customer every hour. They already read the content whether they choose to keep or remove the message. The text opens automatically in the display in several cases. So, SMS is known to have around 98% of open rate. 

No interruption 

You can easily get direct delivery of SMS to the inbox of users, unlike several emails that can easily be filtered to spam folders. The brand reaches the customers easily with just a tap. 


There is a limit of 160 characters on a text message. There is no need to play around the words. You can draft an ad in a precise and clear way. 


Users are emotionally connected to their smartphone as they have plenty of personal information on their devices. This way, you can customize your marketing message as per the likes and dislikes of customers by making the right bulk SMS plan. 

No internet connectivity required

It is one of the most important benefits of bulk SMS. You don’t have to rely on an internet connection on a customer’s device. Whether they have turned on mobile data or not, your SMS will definitely reach them. It can easily drive engagement and awareness with your offerings and brand. 

Promote through multiple channels 

Driving customers to the business is one of the major concerns. This is the reason you might be using various marketing channels. You may not want to stick to any one promotion option in order to reach the masses. You might be using email and social media marketing. There are ways to drive awareness of your presence through several platforms. You can simply drop a message with links to your social media profiles on the devices of your audiences. 

How businesses can boost sales by choosing the best SMS marketing plan? 

SMS marketing comes with a lot of opportunities for businesses in different industries. Irrespective of market size, a lot of businesses have realized the value of bulk SMS marketing. They have been deploying SMS marketing strategies for a lot of industries in their marketing strategies. By having the well planned campaign of SMS marketing, you can easily choose when to send your texts to your customers. 

No matter what kind of business you are running, you can surely make the most of your SMS marketing campaign and dedicate your time to craft vital messages. You first have to identify various market segments and unique needs in order to deploy SMS marketing channels. You have to analyze the demographics, promote your campaign and invest in the right marketing team. Some way or the other, almost all industries have been gathering leads with SMS marketing and developing their unique presence. 

Bottom Line

Over the years, bulk SMS has come a long way and emerged as the most vital marketing medium.  SMS is known for its simplicity and it is the best choice for both customers and businesses whether you are planning for bulk SMS or just texting. It has been the emerging trends in different industry segments. A lot of companies have been using it as a form of marketing and getting the most of SMS marketing. It has been helpful to drive conversations and communicate with huge customer base and brand loyalty.  In addition, bulk SMS has been a top performer as compared to social media platforms and email marketing.